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Security Novel Series - My Free Online Novel Series
Welcome to the website for the FREE Online published series of novels by John M Upton!

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Friday 12th August 2022

Novel 22, the third and final part of the Ixion Trilogy, Aldwych has now been published


The next three novels will be called ‘Nine Elms’, ‘Priory Park’ and ‘Tottenham Court Road’ respectively. Details can be found on the ‘Future Titles’ sub menu and more information will appear on the Facebook page.

Friday 10th June 2021

Novel 21, the second part of the Ixion Trilogy, St. James’s Park has now been published.


Novel 22 ‘Aldwych’ should follow in about a year all being well, bringing the Ixion Trilogy to a close and then I move on to a couple more episodes that will take on a more historical nature, more of which on the Facebook page nearer the time.

Thursday 20th February 2020

Novel 20 in the series ‘Star Lane’ has finally been completed and is now published.  


Now I move on to Novel 21 ‘St James’s Park’, the second part of the ‘Ixion Trilogy’ which I hope will be written a lot quicker this time!!

Wednesday 15th January 2020

Finally I can say it!!  The twentieth novel in the series ‘Star Lane’ will be published in early February 2020.

Unfortunately work and family life has meant writing has had to take a back seat for some time now.  The failure of the website on a couple of occasions and the headache of sorting that mess out has not helped either.

Facebook will be where updates will be directed for the moment so do keep an eye on the page.

Monday 5th June 2017

Although most of my news updates will be posted on the Facebook page, I am updating the website here with some key information as well.

Firstly, the first short story entitled ‘New Scotland Yard’ has been released and can be found via the ‘Novels’ and then ‘Short Stories’ menu above.

Secondly, the next three novels in the main series, ‘Star Lane’, ‘St. James’ Park’ and ‘Aldwych’ will form part of what I have decided to call ‘The Ixion Trilogy’ which hopefully be released over the course of the new couple of years.

As ever, please check the Facebook Page for regular updates as and when they become available.

Saturday 4th February 2017

The nineteenth novel in the series ‘Turnpike Lane’ was published on the 30th of January 2017.  It is available in Acrobat Reader/PDF format HERE.

I have taken the unusual step of announcing well in advance the next three novel titles.  Up next will be ‘Star Lane’ which I hope to have ready either later this year or early in 2018.  Following those will be ‘St. James’s Park’ and then ‘Aldwych’.

As ever, all of my novels are FREE to read and download however I am inviting donations of whatever you may wish to contribute to cover costs such as website hosting etc.  Donations can be made via PayPal to the email address you will find on the inside cover pages of each novel.

Regular updates will be posted on the Facebook page.

Wednesday 11th August 2016

The writing of Turnpike Lane, the nineteenth in the series is ongoing with a provisional publication target of later this year all being well.

This website continues to misbehave and may at some point if time can be found (stop laughing at the back there…) be either modified or replaced altogether.

There are still plans for further novels in the series as and when time permits, indeed parts of what will probably be Episode XXIII or later (currently with a working title of ‘Aldwych’ but that may very well change) are already in existence, being written in parallel to the writing of Turnpike Lane as I am planting a few discreet seeds in the storyline that will come to fruition then.

News updates are posted via the official Facebook page now here and this will remain the primary source of news and information especially until this website can be persuaded to work properly!!

Wednesday 3rd February 2016

BETHNAL GREEN IS PUBLISHED!!!  It has taken a very long time as my work and personal life has had to take priority but it is finally here!!  At the moment it is only available in PDF format but if you would like other formats then please get in touch and I will see what I can do.

Already writing has begun on Episode XIX now titled Turnham Green.

Thursday 28
th January 2016

After a very long gestation the eighteenth novel in the series ‘Bethnal Green’ is finished!!  Final checking and formatting is currently underway before a planned publication online (and with links on the Facebook page) hopefully in early February.

The next novel in the series, the nineteenth is already at an advanced stage of planning and provisionally will be called ‘Turnpike Lane’.  It is hoped to post more details about this soon.  

Also in an advanced stage of planning now is the twenty third novel in the series - yes I seem to have skipped forward a bit!!  More about this on the Facebook page in the coming months.

Most updates will now be posted on the Facebook page so please keep checking there for more news as and when it happens.

Wednesday 27th May 2015

The old HP Jornada 720 series PDA has been dug out, a new CR2032 battery put in it, charged up and I can confirm that writing of the eighteenth novel in the series ‘Bethnal Green’ has resumed!!

All updates and details will be announced via the dedicated Facebook page so please keep visiting there for further announcements.

Monday 3rd February 2014

It is with some regret that I have decided to stop writing for the foreseeable future.  Writing has always been a hobby for me which has had to be done in my spare time which now I simply no longer have available and won’t do for some considerable time to come.

The website will remain live and the seventeen novels along with associated material will remain available although I may at some point pull the plug on the Facebook page.

If I ever find the time I may return to the series in the distant future and if that does happen I shall announce it here and on the Facebook page (assuming I have not deleted it).

Bye for now and thanks for your support.

Tuesday 24th December 2013

First of all may I take the opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year for 2014.  

Secondly may I extend my profound apologies for the lack of progress in the writing and publication of further novels.  In a nutshell my life has become extremely busy mostly thanks to the arrival of a new house, a wonderful fiancee (she is reading the first in the series now as it happens!) and a wedding coming next year.

I can’t promise anything but I do hope to set some time aside (work permitting, I still have a full time job to squeeze in as well!!) in the Spring of 2014 to knuckle down and get Bethnal Green finished and published.

Monday 19th August 2013

It has been almost exactly a year since I last updated the website so it was time now I have moved house, got engaged and finally finished the decorating (all whilst working around the clock on my day job!) to get on with the novels once again.


I have found the fifty or so pages of the never completed novel ‘Horsham’ that was intended to be the first episode in a spin off series concentrating on the work of Sir Richard Crowthorne’s secretive ‘Section Fourteen’ organisation.  In the end I decided to abandon it and concentrate on the main series instead so what occurs in this is not cannon but some events and characters are refereed to or appear in the main Security Novels Series.

The unfinished novel in PDF fomat can be found via the menu above under ‘Deleted Scenes’ or by clicking HERE


Writing of the heavily delayed eighteenth novel ‘Bethnal Green’ is ongoing and on target for releasing before the end of the year all being well.


The nineteenth novel in the series will follow sometime in 2014 (weddings and associated nuptials permitting!!)  It will follow on directly from events at the conclusion of ‘Bethnal Green’ and is provisionally named ‘Turnpike Lane’.


Keep in touch with developments by following the series on Facebook and feel free to join in the discussion!!

Monday 20th August 2012


In a new move for me, I have made available online the first chapter from the forthcoming eighteenth novel ‘Bethnal Green’.  The novel which is now very much on course for a late 2012 release continues to come together nicely and sees a bit of a return to the roots of the series back in the Hainault days but with a few subtle pointers weaved in that also point to the future.

The opening chapter can be downloaded by simply clicking here or from the link on the dedicated Bethnal Green page on this site.


I have managed to find some very old files from the earliest days of writing these novels and once Bethnal Green is complete I hope to have a sort through them and see if anything of interest pops up that I could add to the Deleted Scenes section or elsewhere on this website.


Sunday 29th July 2012


Writing of the eighteenth novel ‘Bethnal Green’ is now underway in earnest, the major delay being that work has had to take priority over everything else recently.  Some will notice that the details on the Bethnal Green page on this site have now changed slightly, this is due to a subtle change of direction with the plot of this novel and the introductory section of what had been planned has now been carried over to novel 19, more details of which I hope to announce both here and on the Facebook page in the next couple of months.

The plan is to have Bethnal Green completed and published in time for the end of 2012.


Monday 4th June 2012


A rare break from work has allowed me to look at updating this site and in the process the ‘Deleted Scenes’ feature from the old version of the website has been reinstated.  It can be found at the bottom of the drop down ‘Novels’ option in the main menu above.

All of the deleted/unused scenes have been redone in PDF/Acrobat Reader format and also included is the never completed/abandoned novel ‘Hatton Cross’.


At the moment due to lack of progress on the proposed eighteenth novel ‘Bethnal Green’ (and discovering a horrifying number of spelling mistakes and other errors whilst reading through ‘Cannon Street’, so much for my proof reading skills!!!) I am currently minded to abandon the current novel in progress and start afresh.  If this happens I will tidy up what I have thus far and add it to the ‘Deleted Scenes’ feature at some point in the future.

Meantime, if you have any suggestions, comments, etc then please feel free to contribute to the Facebook page, the link is via the none too subtle logo at the top right hand corner of this page!


Saturday 28th January 2012:


Further to the updated website and the abandonment of the Google Group, the Facebook Page for the novel series is now up and running.  Click the Facebook icon at the top right hand corner of any of this website’s pages to go straight to it.


Saturday 14th January 2012:


First and most obvious item of news is that the website has had a complete redesign, the old one was getting clunky and quite frankly a bit of a mess so I decided drastic action was needed and cleared the old one away in order to start again.

Features that have been introduced:

Please note that the site is still under construction so this is still very much a work in progress at the moment with some features such as the Links etc. still yet to be re-instated.  Losing my old web page editing program (a very ancient copy of the now long defunct Microsoft Frontpage) has rather hindered progress of late.

If as you navigate the site you come across any duff links or anything else that doesn’t work properly, please do let me know and I will endeavour to get it fixed as soon as possible.


Well, technically it is still alive but only just.  It’s main purpose as far as I was concerned aside from being an additional outlet for announcements, was to provide a secondary open source for storage and downloading the novels from.  Unfortunately Google have now discontinued the file area option (indeed it has completely disappeared and I can now no longer find it anywhere) so I am ditching the Google Group altogether.


Yes there will be further novels in the series.  Unfortunately as I was working so much last year I never really found any time to do much writing for which I can only apologise.  There is an eighteenth novel planned at the moment and indeed already partly written.  Provisionally titled ‘Bethnal Green’ (although that may very well change, Wandsworth Common has been mooted) I hope to finish it before the end of 2012.

I do have plans for a further two or three novels after that, then comes a planned two part story which will be a sort of semi-official closing chapter on the series.  After that there is a subsequent novel planned, over half of which already exists!!

I want to try and finalise these plans in the coming weeks and months and also take some time out to go and visit some locations for some further inspiration.  There is also one other task I need to address but more of that later.


Since somehow being persuaded to join Facebook over a year ago and finding actually it is rather good, I am looking at replacing the Google Group with a dedicated Facebook page at some point.  When this will happen I am not entirely sure but I want to get the website complete first.


th AUGUST 2022